Redneck Lawn Mower

Ellie Mae’s fuelish idea

Since Ellie Mae put jet fuel in Bubba’s mower, he gets done a little faster

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Redneck Jet Fuel Lawn Mower

Captions from our readers...

Think our son found a way of telling us he wants a moped for his birthday to tinker with...
Idske Mulder

Harry ManUreSithe - Hogwarts new Gardener!
Irvin Kauffman

Bubba certainly is a Nascar wannabe!
Kathy Williams

Hey ma - I just got pulled over by a cop saying I was doing 40 in a 25 mph zone doing the lawn.
Superman lawnmower
How to have fun and cut the grass too!
Elizabeth Watts

Burt was desperate to see the game, so filled his mower with nitro.
He was now beginning to regret it.

Philip Bassett

Awww jeez, I aint never going to get this lawn cut before the wife gets home.
Chris Stout

Grain Alcohol... not just for breakfast anymore!
Sherri Gisler

Look closer... I think it's Tim Allen!
Ron McCoy

It's a bird, it's a plane... nope... it's a Briggs and Stratton.
Mrs Brown

What row of young trees?
John Schrag

3...2...1...Blast off...Houston. I see the landing sight on the moon. Do we have permission to land?
Yes, I do see a little green grass here... Permission to start mowing sir...
Della Norton

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