Time To Move

Nature’s way of telling you it’s time to say adios

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House foundation on cliff ready to fall down

Captions from our readers...

Hello 911? You better hurry! My husband was trying to light the BBQ and...
Ric Mossip

A giant mole was looking for buried treasure...
Jamie Kwok

That coal company is digging outside our windows again.
Mari Klecka

I do wish Ol' Jolly Green would replace his Divots.
Darryl Farquhar

Honey, where did the backyard go?
Patrick Van Arsdale

Well, there goes the neighborhood.
Thomas King

Honey, will you please take out the trash, and watch out for...
Arthur Noel

Living life on the edge!
Chris Pennington

I think the latrine is about ready.
Ray Fagan

Honey, I got the toilet to flush again...
I prayed for a bigger mower, and the Lord took away my lawn.
Jens Hatje

Oh crap. I should have sold when the market was hot.
Diane Putnam

Another Tom Clancy Cliff Hanger.
Ron Wells

Watch that first step, it's a killer.
Why yes dear, my life insurance is paid up. Why do you ask?
L.B. Scott

Honey, I think I just figured out why this house was sooo cheap.
Chris Le Mottée

I'll mow the front if you get the back.
Kris DeVries

Yeah, my wife took half of everything in the divorce.
Ben Hall

Remember that faith moves a mountain... Always carry a pick.
Linda Newman

That's it honey... You HAVE to stop snoring at night.
Ron McCoy


I said you could have a SMALL POOL!
Jamie Flanagan

Just Listed! Motivated Sellers! Make Offer Before This Deal Disappears!
Mike Rothwell

That stubborn Abdul is really trying to move the mountain to Mohammed.
Andrew Ussery

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