Reach For The Top - What Have You Got To Lose?

Sometimes when you reach for the top you can’t go far enough

Giving it everything you’ve got?

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Reach to pull up pants on top of gymn class group

Captions from our readers...

Location: $100
Photographer: $400
Publicity/promotionals: $800
Finally getting rid of that wedgie: Priceless

Full moon at Leaning Tower of People.
Kirk Lowry

hop to top but shut the butt
Asmath Ali

Hey, I can see my house from up here!
Jamie Kwok

Does anyone else feel a breeze up here?
Tiara Shanafelt

Nice view from the bottom...
Matt Anon

This picture cracks me up.
Ron Wells

Now I know why Mom told me to always wear clean underwear.
L.B. Scott

You know, I think we should have gone with my suggestion of a toga party, like all the other sororities are having.
I hate these 'Executive Team building retreats.'
I rarely get anything out of it, and I always end up short something in the end.

Vince Fried

Hey, I told ya to go to da bathroom before we do this.
Harold Kellams

Sometimes getting caught with your pants down is a step up in life.
Marvin Purser

Peter, I thought you were crazy but now I can see your nuts!
Joe La Rosa

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