Nice Teeth For All The Crap He Eats

Take a bite while eating on the throne

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Toilet in shape of a mouth

Captions from our readers...

2005 Award Winner for Best Hind Lick Maneuver
Martin Grosse

This is what we all look like after seeing your arse...
Grace Bassett

Hey! You Gonna Sit on My Face?
Jack Byrd

Right, 5 o'clock, time for a big feast.
Jamie Kwok

Nip hemorrhoids in the bud with the Jolly John Chomper.
Pippa Julian

Let's FACE it, we all need a good laugh at the END!
Goldie Kildea

And now, the perfect gift for the boss who has it all!
Jackie Godfrey

Another politician tying to put the bite on us in the arse.
Ron Wells

OW!!! He bit me!
Mickey Stoll

Taking a bite out of grime.
L.B. Scott

What a potty mouth!
Peter Carpenter

Hmmmmm... Does it hum?
Irvin Kauffman

Patent pending for the newest Bidet Toilet (even asks about your day!)
Nick Aslett

AAAHHHHHHHH (as in "open up and say aahhhh!")
D. K. Browne

Sure, it's a little nerve-wracking at first,
but think of the money you save on toilet paper!

Teresa Cromer

Potty Mouth!
Andrew Ussery

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