Swingset Car

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Swingset Car

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Let's Swing by the Playground
Irvin Kauffman

Deep-South Entertainment recently unveiled its new line of car-toys,
designed to keep your redneck offspring entertained on long road-trips...

Kirk Lowry

Ford reveals new model AAA.
Having beaten out the competition for 'Best Parade Float', Earl decides to
treat the kids and heads for the drive-up window at the Squatville BK.

Mark Prairie

They gained a swing when they lost the roundabout.
Idske Mulder

Dang, Henry, did you have to assemble the set BEFORE taking it home?
Maybe if the kids have something to do on the trip they'll stop asking, 'Are we there yet?'
Marlene K. Goodman

Craze on top of race
Girish Gangadharan

Hon’, quit yelling! It was NOT an impulsive purchase, and besides I got it for you! And even if we don’t have kids now, maybe if we start having more fun, we’ll have kids and then they can use it too. I planned this all out!
Tom Clyne

When he set out to become a “swinger”, Ralph was a little unclear on the concept.
Mike Morrow

Well, on the plus side, at least no kids were in the area when you took the shortcut through the playground.
Fred Piceno

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