Redneck Automatic Lawnmower

Bubba’s ultimate wind-up toy - more time for brewskies!

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Redneck Automatic Lawnmower

Captions from our readers...

Bubba joins the crop-circle craze.
I hate those toadstool rings... I hate those toadstool rings... I hate those toadstool rings...
Kirk Lowry

Somebody finally got your Uncle Bob's goat, eh?
Irvin Kauffman

After being run up the flag by his underwear, Lawrence realized he was in a bit of a pickle.
Matt Dewart

Hey Ricky Bobby, y'all better come look! Somebody done stole yer dawg and
left a littlebitty race car with a handle!

Mark Prairie

How did I get roped into doing this job all by myself?
John Schrag

When I'm at the end of my rope, the lawn's been mown!
Idske Mulder

Now if I could just make it go in the corners, I would really have it all done.
Now I have time to watch the football game without my wife yelling to go mow the lawn.
I put just enough gas to do 6 laps around the pole.
Della Norton

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