Portable Auto Body Shop

“Cash & Carry” for your next steel steal

Call “See Through Auto Body” for a clean getaway

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Portable Bicycle Auto Body Shop
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For some inexplicable reason, Bob's delivery service (we now have automobile!) failed.
I gots robbed, boss! Dey took de pizza, but lef' me da car!
Kirk Lowry

Look Ma, it's got good brake system, no tires, but good brakes!
Freddie, the doors won't pinch your fingers anymore, just put on your seat belt and shut up.
Elizabeth Watts

The next downhill turn would prove to be a setback in Carlo's fledgling repo service.
Mark Prairie

Just a small hole in the bottom to put my head and shoulders through and I'll save LOTS of money on gas!
Idske Mulder

Cash and Carry?
Lisa Crispin

What lengths one will go to when it comes to acquiring scrap metal for money.
Doug Brown

Toyota's new gas-saving hybrid car for 2008.
Sue Gosselin

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