Plane Camper

Airstream campers can now fly anywhere in the world

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Illusion of Airstream Camper flying like an airplane

Captions from our readers...

Like I said, we are going camping during our retirement,
AND I don't like the airline screening process!

Don Sartori

Well, Doris, lunch on the Riviera, then tea downtown Abbotsford.
Phil Forde

HEY, a plane that's NOT a Dutch contraption... cool.
Hmm, do i have to order flight tickets via some travel agency?
Or can I buy one for myself and ram it in something blunt that's obscurring my sight?

Brendan Groeneveld

That's not what I had in mind when I said 'Let's take the highway!'
Where to next? Don't know!
Couldn't find a guide-book of camp sites with a runway yet!

Idske Mulder

(with reference to 'Spaceballs') “Hey, Barf... your turn to drive. That 'special' ain't sittin' right...
Aw, c'mon Herb, now look where Neptune is! Pull this thing over and ask for directions!
Screw Homeland Security...
Okay, kids, you all behave back there, or I'll turn this thing right back around!
I'm not kiddin! HEY!!! I MEAN IT!!!

Kirk Lowry

Are We There Yet?
Mom - my cell is out of range, this Totally Sucks!
Dad! The game starts in 30 minutes!
Mom, Dad - where's Barfy?
North Korea's Latest Attempt
Jack 'Hotlanta' Byrd

Camper Hums
Sure I can fly - it has wings, doesn't it?
Flying Camper. Whoa, Whoa, big fella...
OK tower, if you hear me, rock the tower!
They don't sell tickets, they sell chances.
Linda Newman

And next year we're flying the boat to Mexico!
Jack Porcenaluk

Drive more carefully you moron - you're gonna spill the toilet again!
Monte Emerson

So that's why they call it an AIRSTREAM!
If the trailer's a 'flyin', don't bother tryin'!
Shelly Mullins

Airstream in the Jetstream
Got Directions?... No, Let's Just Wing It.
William Weise

The price for camping in South Jersey is crazy - everyone is moving out.
Tom Napoli

You MIGHT be a Redneck if...
You Might be a Redneck CEO if...
Barf! Set us up for Ludicrous Speed!
Clint Cook

Did you E-Mail God to let him know were coming?
I said let's camp out UNDER the Stars, not IN them...
Della Norton

'Airstream Force 1' - The Presidential Camper!
Jim Bourassa

'Fly & Stay' with all the convenience of an 'RV'
Garry L. LaPoint

It's a bird, no it's a plane... no, it's a JETSTREAM!
Are there trailer parks on Mars? No, but this gives Boondocking a whole new meaning.
Tom Peart

Miles Above Any Other Trailer.
Ralph Forrester

How many skydivers can you fit in a Plane Camper? Door!
sKY Weishar & slaDE~

How come we didn't get the bay window model? This thing is giving me tunnel vision!
Look, Barf! They've upgraded us from the Winnebago!
Charlie Greenwood

If a Team Airstream joins the Tour De France next year we know how it's going to get there.
Gordon Savatsky

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