Swim-In Bedroom

Designer bedroom for aquatic sleepers

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Swim-in Bedroom

Captions from our readers...

Don't worry - the bathroom is right through that door there...

And to keep Bob from raiding the fridge at night, I simply release the piranhas!
New cure for seasickness released by the FDA today...
Kirk Lowry

And this is our new design called... 'The Wet Spot', where everyone likes to sleep.
B. Greene

I've got to stop taking that waterpill before I go to bed.
Ray Fagan

Wasn't this listed at hotels.com as 'Luxurious bed and bath?'
Ron McCoy

Designed to be the best cure for sleep walking!
Nora League

This is not what I meant when I requested a waterbed.
The Mark Spitz suite or Ester Williams suite.
Now there is a bed that I can dive into.
Ron Wells

Slippery when wet.
Shayne Edward Scott

Yeah, I'm a stud baby! That's a lake of K-Y there, darlin'!
Donna Faye

Mom, I went to the bathroom before I went to bed, Honestly!
Rhonda Clark

The Chastity Moat - works every time!
Jaime Valk

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