You Might Be A Newfie If...
What do you use speed bumps for?

The self-proclaimed fifth city of your province is located in Alberta.

When you were growing up, being a fashionista meant getting new clothes from Sears catalogues.

You buy a new car every three years because your old car always rusts out.

You buy groceries in a Dominion instead of a Safeway or Save-On-Foods.

You can count on one hand all the stop signs in your community.

You count moose as speed bumps.

You got your driver’s licence without ever seeing a stoplight.

You have never heard about plugging in your car when the winter temperature drops below -25° C.

You have to teach your children to say “morning” instead of “marnin’.”

You live closer to England than to B.C.

You’ve asked for a price check at the dollar store.

You’ve ever tripped over a cordless-phone wire.

You’ve sold your car for gas money.

You’ve spent 20 minutes staring at the juice container because it said “concentrate.”

You’ve told a mainlander to meet you at the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.

You’ve used a CD as a beer coaster when company is over.

You’ve used your CD burner as a beer can holder.

Your computer is worth more than your wife’s car.

Your email address end in “”

Your home page is but spend all your time at

Your provinical budget includes money to replace town signs stolen by tourists.

Your screensaver is a picture of your boat, your quad, or your Ski-Doo.

Your Trans Canada Highway includes a four-hour ferry ride.

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