Stepping Up In The World

Walk Up Portraits are a specialty in this studio

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Painter walks into his own painting

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Moving Up the Corporate Ladder: The Truth Revealed!
Tonight, on your 9 o'clock news...

Harry Houdini... the early years..
Mental note... switch coffee.
Kirk Lowry

Our innovative staircase hardly takes up any room in the house!
Just trying to watch where I'm going...
Idske Mulder

Suddenly Joe realized that the two man re-enactment of Alice In Wonderland had gone to far.
You always said you wanted a walk-in closet.
Why not let our helpful home improvement team build your dream room?
Our prices are very reasonable and we're skilled professionals.

Watch out for the last step.
And you wanted to hire a contractor...
Neil Tosczak

John 8:21  Where I go you cannot come.
Lisa Redding

Security cameras catch identically dressed twins making off with rare
Joe DeFrinci 'Ascending' masterpiece. 'They left nothing but a blank wall,
they even took the nail,' say Police.

Mark Prairie

See, I told you this was the newest in secret hidden walls.
I knew the books in the prison would show how to escape.
Do you think they will see where we escaped from?
Hurry up Joe, I hear someone coming...
Della Norton

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