Outhouse Treasure

Lending a helping hand to your “down and out” friend

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Yeah, that's it... three quarters, two dimes and a nickel...
And you are going to bill me for this quote for the plumbing assessment?
Yes, THAT's them... a plaid pair of pants, and a maroon shirt...
I can't understand why my wife would throw them DOWN THERE...
while I was catching some rays on the beach...

Ric Mossip

Don't ask.
Well, I found your clog... now all I have to CRAP!!! MY KEYS!!!
Hey... do you remember that scene from 'Star Wars' when they're in the
trash compactor with that tentacle creature? Funny thing...

So the Cowboys lost (again)!!! Its not the end of the world!
Hey... I think I found Romo's career down here!!!
Right next to Britney Spears' dignity!

Kirk Lowry

Next time Mom and you will bring your money to the bank like everybody else!
Idske Mulder

It's too dark, I can't see crap down here!
Remo Six

Yousa' sir, are in deep do do!
Andrew Wright

I know my teeth are in there somewhere...
John Ozley

I can see the U.S. border from here!
Mark Prairie

Please don't let go...
I told you were a potty mouth but I didn't mean it literally!
Bill Gardiner

Take that ring off again and you'll get it!
Irvin Kauffman

I wasn't going to worry about losing a dime, but for 17 cents...
Dave Ward

After searching the place top to bottom, Clyde and Earl later laughed about how the
box of matches was sitting on the shelf right in front of them the whole time.

Don Roberts

OK, I won't tell your wife about your affair.
Rick Brennecke

Just call a plumber!!!
James Santos

Can You Reach That Candy Bar Yet?
Tommy Gault

Bill wondered why he had stepped in to stop Eddie doing his dung beetle
impression - it was too late now, the smell was killing the dinner party.

Jon Varley

Old fashioned swirlee!
Emily Wilson

Hey it's my turn and I can't wait!
Charles Brooks

This is how 'swirly's' were done centuries ago.
Glenn Hanna

Remember, you can't bite your fingernails ever again!
This will stop your fingernail biting.
David Dardzinski

C’mon son, get your head out of the toilet.
Tim Paul

Check out the new odour eater!
Dustin Young

Dad is a hero! Drops everything - even his pants - and saves son from sewercide!
Tom Clyne

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