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So, how’s the fishing today? Can we help?

There’s something fishy here...

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Pelicans lookf at a Fishing Information sign near fishing boat

Captions from our readers...

See fellas? Like I told you. Those opposable thumbs work magic - just LOOK at those fillets!
Hey skipper, same as last time. You know, cod roll ups - this time hold the
wasabe sauce. Last time the 'ol afterburners kicked in... Big Time!

Booth number 8 on Peir 3... Finest seafood on the coast - our clients can attest
that we serve nothing but the finest. Come early to beat the line ups!

Ric Mossip

Yeah... this job's for the birds.
Hey, at least the homeowner's association doesn't complain about the pink plastic flamingos anymore!
Found Nemo?
Kirk Lowry

Why wait for fishing information when you can just wait for the fish?
Idske Mulder

What do you mean you're out of herring?
Douglas Rahn

Should we ask him what he does with all the good parts... of the fish?
Jon Snider

Carl's Sushi
Will Nelken

Wait, just hold on... the heron's going in to scuttle his boat!
Irvin Kauffman

What do you mean is the fish fresh! Of course it's fresh! Stupid bird!
Paul Bottel

We would like to know when is the next boat leaving? How Much is it for a ticket?
What time of day do the fish bite best?

Can we taste test your fish for freshness? How many of us can ride on the next ship?
Excuse me Sir. We were told you were hiring good fisherman - we are the best for for
the job. When can we start? Will work for fish.

Della Norton

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