Window Bungee Jumping - Latest Extreme Sport

Airing out your complaints at work again?

Breath of fresh air on your coffee break
Hanging on to your job lately?
Hang Loose at the office, bro!
Lunch Break on a wing and a prayer
How not to wash windows at your office

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Window Bungee Jumping Extreme Sports

Captions from our readers...

If we warned you once, Elmo, we warned you twice about flatulating in our cubical.
Rick Bohnenkamp

Clark-san Kent... the early years...
Dangit, Bob, no more kimchee!!!
And to think, we used to have to suffer through Window's 'Blue Screen of Death'... glad they fixed that!
Kirk Lowry

Happy New Year! I sure hope I'll get a raise, or I'll feel really down!
Idske Mulder

Great technique, Bob... now, flap your arms really fast and lift your tail flaps five degrees.
Now I know the secret of your low cost flying lessons... NO PLANE!
The view's great, but the slipstream is murder!
OK honey - hand me the camera... QUICK!
New to office management, Bob was unaware that most companies merely lay off extra help.
Never make sexist remarks within hearing of your secretaries.
We told you, Sam. You don't need a parachute to jump from the thirtieth floor.
You only need a parachute to jump from the thirtieth floor TWICE.

Jacqui Graham

Help me! My wife forgot to pack my parachute this morning!
Sandra F. Johnson

OK OK, I promise to put the toilet seat down!
Orest Protch

When levitation goes bad...
Irvin Kauffman

For The *LAST* time Chang, *WHERE IN THE HELL* is the QED Report???
Shawn Fraser

This job really sucks!
John Quinn

Good news... the boss said you could skip the staff meeting.
L.B. Scott

Good news, team. The anti-gravity boxers work.
Marlene Goodman

Get out - you're fired!
Dillon Yager

Okay, so that's two coffees, one with cream and two strawberry shakes. I'll be right back.
Philip Bassett

Alien abduction foiled as family members step in to help. Film at 11...
Ron McCoy

High 5
I'm telling you, this building has an air balance problem!
Rickie Messer

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