Machine Wash Instructions for Teenagers

Why bother washing your clothes? It’s her job!

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Washing clothes - give it to Mom - it's her job

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Q: “How come your mom didn't qualify for the elderly home? She's 95 and has serious problems taking care of herself.
A: “They said she's got too many children!
Q: “Why? She can't live at your place, you're older than 70 yourself!
A: “It's those new washing labels you see. Her 30 grandchildren are bringing their
laundry to her 8 children, that's us. And we're bringing everything to her...

Idske Mulder

Always the creative thinker, Bob found a new way to commit suicide...
... and Joe was never heard from again...
How to tell your bluejeans were made by a 47-year-old bachelor...
who will remain a bachelor... forever...

Kirk Lowry

Dear Joe: I do not see the humour in this. Yours truly, Jacqui (mother of 6)
NEWS FLASH! Mysterious fire destroys clothing factory.
The only clue to the origin of the blaze is a bleach bottle containing the cryptic message:
Now Mom gives it back.
Jacqui Graham

Finally, instructions you can understand.
Marlene Goodman

Just do it Mom. And don't forget - I get to choose your Care Home.
Philip Bassett

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