Garage Sale for the Soon-To-Be-Departed

People are dying to get to this garage sale!

World’s 1st “Down Under” Garage Sale

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Casket on sale at garage sale

Captions from our readers...

Coffin: $100. Vampire extra.
The Addams family is moving again.
They hope their customers will be 'coffin' up the dough.
Come on Marge - who's going to believe it's a padded playpen?
Jacqui Graham

Recently defeated Democratic hopeful Bob Zumecki finally cleans the skeletons out of his closet...
Old shoes, $1.
Green plastic storage bin, $0.75.
Assorted garbage, $0.05.

Finally getting your deadbeat brother to move out... priceless.
I'm tellin ya, Sweetie, its time for your mother to leave already!
Kirk Lowry

Granny's last wish was to be present at her own garage sale...
Idske Mulder

I'll be back in a minute!
Jeroen Boomsluiter

Pay your respects to Uncle Joe and buy some of the great items he no longer needs!!!
George Clary

How much for the sunscreen?
Brian Smedley

Dead give-a-way ad for a church rummage sale!
Orest Protch

Well, we had a beautiful funeral planned for Uncle Clem.
Just imagine our shock when he sat up and asked for his dentures.

L.B. Scott

Yep, it's Irma all righty. I've got more than 20 thousand in her by now,
but I'll let 'er go for two hunnerd bucks.

Craig Baker

Barely used coffin : was $200 NOW only $150 (we will throw in the
slightly used suit for free). Please disregard the dirty appearance,
we did vacuum after exhumation to the best of our ability.

Lois Foster

Y’see we really need to sell the coffin quick so we can pay for the cremation. The mortuary says they’re gonna start charging storage fees for the body, and he’s just not worth it.
Tom Clyne

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