“David and Goliath” Sumo Mismatch

When size doesn’t matter to a sumo wrestler

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Sumo Mismatch

Captions from our readers...

The height of conceit knows no boundaries.
It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.
Goldie Kildea

For the last time Dad... I'm NOT going to bed. And If you keep up this argument...
I'll KICK your rolly-polly Michelin Man ARSE!

Ric Mossip

OK kid give me a break, let's now try the best of four out of seven?
Ron Wells

Dude, haven't you ever heard of Slim Fast?
L.B. Scott

Big guy: “I produced something about your size this morning.
Chris Le Mottée

Subway vs McDonalds.
Tony Holt

Dad was wrong on his fighting advice. He should have said, 'The bigger they are,
the harder they are going to crush me!'

Brent Offenberger

I poop bigger than you.
Joe La Rosa

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