Unreasonable & Unappreciative Wife
By syndicated columnist Dorothy Dix, Vancouver Sun, February 13, 1940
Making her into the right kind of wife

Dear Ms. Dix,
I am the victim of a wife who is 100% unreasonable and unappreciative.

For she is going to leave me for the following foolish reasons:
First: Because I never tell her anymore that I love her. (when I first believed)
Second: I never give her a compliment. (I worship God enough on Sunday)
Third: I never seek her company and I am just as happy alone. (prayer and solitude)
And Fourth: I am a tightwad. (giving)

For these reasons she says I don’t love her any more.

But Ms. Dix, it is all a lie. I adore her, but I told her several times before we married that I loved her, and that she was beautiful, and I see no reason to repeat this to her.

I am a German and we don’t waste time on crazy talk like that.

I refuse to give her compliments because that gives women folks the big head and makes them think they can attract other men.

I don’t run after her company because she has work to do, and I would just be in the way.

I know where she is and I am happy. I am not a tightwad.

What more can a woman want than good food and clothes?

“Ja ja” - my mother was not such...

Anyway, I love her and can’t loose her even if she has strange ideas. What can I do to make her into the right kind of wife?

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