Swimming Helmet

Swimmer’s motto: what goes a-round comes a-round

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Spherical Swimming Helmet

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The current Pee-in-the-Pool detecting head gear: If others release their bowels
near your vicinity, the detectors will blast a cocoon of silicon protective gel around you,
emit a shrill 250 decibel alarm, and trace the source to the perpetrator - thereby
effectively banning them from the pool in shame!

Ric Mossip

Scuba diver's training wheels for idiots: keeps your head above water.
Worst case of robotic jellyfish attack I've ever seen!
Marlene K. Goodman

Michael Phelps... visions from while high
College Pranks: MIT Edition
Kirk Lowry

Playing blindman's buff in the pool
Idske Mulder

Oh Buoy, it's a girl!
Bill McCall

It cleans the pool, washes and sets your hair and brushes your teeth
while you wait. And wait... and wait.

Mike Morrow

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