Camel Pumps

Camel-ot - King Arthur’s knight-time footwear

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Camel Pumps

Captions from our readers...

Now that's what I call 'hoofing it!'
I walked a mile for this camel!
Carl Estes

Most camels have humps, this one has pumps.
A well-healed camel would never walk a mile in these, let alone a runway.
Marlene K. Goodman

Camel pumps? Horse pumps! You guys have been horsing around too much...
Millie Sandelius

She can go a thousand miles with one of those similes in her cam-m-m-mels.
Tom Napoli

She's a real party animal
Can she count to ten?
I love the shoes, but where's the rest of the costume?
What do rides cost?
Donald H. Sartori

Real horse shoes
Are you on the hoof again?
Idske Mulder

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