Kid Kars

No need to put your cart before a horse when a wheel will do

Chrysler cutbacks spur rollout of short-term “Kid Kars”

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Motorized Kid's Unicycle

Captions from our readers...

Pole Position in the 'Rat Race'
Irvin Kauffman

This would be FUN, if I could get this thing to go FORWARD!
Mark Prairie

A New Age Harry Potter
Doug Brown

Boat-orized Blades
Idske Mulder

Stop sign? Stop sign! BRAKES!!!
Where is the stop button?
I may regret not getting knee pads.
Rich Grogan

Brakes... next time... add... BRAKES!!!
Kirk Lowry

It's my nimbus 2007
Martin Bridgland

Please.. .Please... Please... Don't let that be a pothole up ahead...
Steering wheel is optional.
I hope this thing runs out of gas soon. My hands are getting cramped.
Della Norton

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