‘Come From Behind’ Taste of Olympic Success

Something smelled funny in Torino

Unless you are the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes

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'Come From Behind' Taste of Olympic Success

Captions from our readers...

I know you were giving it your all, Butt!
Robert Gibson

And we have a disqualification for illegal use of gas propulsion.
Darwin McKee

Okay, no more kimchee the night before a race!
... the things I do for my country...
After this, if they don't approve my visa and US citizenship... *@$!!!*
I'm heterosexual... I'm heterosexual... I'm heterosexual...
If she makes those 'vroom, vroom' noises on the next lap, it'll be my skate up her ___!
Kirk Lowry

No, no - don't YOU push - I will...
David Bailey

Whoa, that Pasta Fazioli - too much garlic!
Kathy Williams

Suddenly, skater number 106, realized that wasn't the smell of victory ahead...
Kenneth C. Bowlan

If you knew Sushi like I know Sushi, Oh, Oh, Eeeuuwh!
Irvin Kauffman

When we win by a nose, why does it always have to be mine?
Idske Mulder

Come on, I know #107 is in there somewhere!
Bruce Gilbert

Take a note from NASCAR, bump drafting is dangerous!
Jack Porcenaluk

You had to let it off now!
Braden Evans

No wonder #107 couldn't stand back up!
Oh geez, and with 13 laps to go!
Now I know why we're the only 2 out here!
OK, that right there, that's just not right!
Think of my happy place, think of my happy place!
It's bad enough without her grunting sounds!
William Riley

Ya butt I can still see!
Mike Maguire

Wait, I think you have something there - I'll get it for you...
Nadine Taha

107, 107, 107 - please respond!
Terry Mossip

Doesn't smell like roses... more like winner butt.
Linda Newman

Are you sure this zit is slowing you down?
Andy Ussery

That reminds me, I need to get some kippers for hubby's breakfast.
Andy Cowlan

OK, I'll go as a horse but I am not going to be the back half.
Joe La Rosa

The cost of letting the person in front of you break wind...
Betty Davis

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