Coke Advertising Slogans
Phrases used over the years by Coca Cola to advertise its product

1886 Drink Coca-Cola.

1900 Deliciously refreshing. For headache and exhaustion, drink Coca-Cola.

1904 Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable, healthful beverage. Coca-Cola satisfies. Delicious and Refreshing. Drink Coca-Cola in bottles - 5¢.

1905 Drink a bottle of carbonated Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola revives and sustains. Drink Coca-Cola at soda fountains. The favorite drink for ladies when thirsty, weary, and despondent. Good all the way down. Flows from every fountain. Sold in bottles.

1906 The drink of quality. The Great National Temperance. Thirst quenching - delicious and refreshing.

1907 Delicious Coca-Cola, sustains, refreshes, invigorates. Cooling... refreshing... delicious. Coca-Cola is full of vim, vigor and go - is a snappy drink.

1908 Sparkling - harmless as water, and crisp as frost. The satisfactory beverage.

1909 Delicious, wholesome, refreshing. Delicious, wholesome, thirst quenching. Drink delicious Coca-Cola. Whenever you see an arrow think of Coca-Cola.

1910 Drink bottled Coca-Cola - so easily served. It satisfies. Quenches the thirst as nothing else can.

1911 It’s time to drink Coca-Cola. Real satisfaction in every glass.

1912 Demand the genuine - refuse substitutes.

1913 Ask for it by its full name - then you will get the genuine. The best beverage under the sun. It will satisfy you. A welcome addition to any party - anytime - anywhere.

1914 Demand the genuine by full name. Exhilarating, refreshing. Nicknames encourage substitutions. Pure and wholesome.

1915 The standard beverage.

1916 It’s fun to be thirsty when you can get a Coca-Cola. Just one glass will tell you.

1917 Three million a day. The taste is the test of the Coca-Cola quality. There’s a delicious freshness to the flavor of Coca-Cola.

1919 Coca-Cola is a perfect answer to thirst that no imitation can satisfy. It satisfies thirst. Quality tells the difference.

1920 Drink Coca-Cola with soda. Delicious and refreshing. The hit that saves the day.

1922 Quenching thirst everywhere. Thirst knows no season. Thirst can’t be denied. Thirst reminds you - drink Coca-Cola.

1923 Refresh yourself. A perfect blend of pure products from nature. There’s nothing like it when you’re thirsty.

1924 Pause and refresh yourself.

1925 Six million a day. The sociable drink. Stop at the red sign and refresh yourself.

1926 Thirst and taste for Coca-Cola are the same thing. Stop at the red sign.

1927 Around the corner from anywhere. At the little red sign.

1928 A pure drink of natural flavors.

1929 The pause that refreshes.

1930 Meet me at the soda fountain.

1932 Ice-cold sunshine. The drink that makes the pause refreshing.

1933 Don’t wear a tired, thirsty face.

1934 Carry a smile back to work. Ice-cold Coca-Cola is everywhere else - it ought to be in your family refrigerator. When it’s hard to get started, Start with a Coca-Cola.

1935 The drink that keeps you feeling right. All trails lead to ice-cold Coca-Cola. The pause that brings friends together.

1936 What refreshment ought to be. Get the feel of wholesome refreshment.

1937 America’s favorite moment. Cold refreshment. So easy to serve and so inexpensive. Stop for a pause... go refreshed.

1938 Anytime is the right time to pause and refresh. At the red cooler. The best friend thirst ever had. Pure sunlight.

1939 Coca-Cola goes along. Make lunch time refreshment time. Makes travel more pleasant. The drink everybody knows. Thirst stops here.

1940 Bring in your thirst and go away without it. The package that gets a welcome at home. Try it just once and you will know why.

1941 A stop that belongs on your daily timetable. Completely refreshing.

1942 The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. Refreshment that can’t be duplicated. Wherever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think refreshment, think ice-cold Coca-Cola.

1943 That extra something. A taste all its own. The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. It’s the real thing.

1944 How about a Coke. High sign of friendship. A moment on the sunny side.

1945 Whenever you hear "Have a Coke," you hear the voice of America. Passport to refreshment. Happy moment of hospitality. Coke means Coca-Cola.

1947 Coke knows no season. Serving Coca-Cola serves hospitality. Relax with the pause that refreshes.

1948 Delicious and refreshing. Where there’s Coca-Cola there’s hospitality. Think of lunchtime as refreshment time.

1949 Coca-Cola... Along the highway to anywhere.

1950 Help yourself to refreshment.

1951 Good food and Coca-Cola just naturally go together.

1952 Coke follows thirst everywhere. What you want is Coke. The gift of thirst.

1953 Dependable as sunrise. 1954 For people on the go. Matchless flavor.

1955 Almost everyone appreciates the best. America’s preferred taste.

1956 Feel the difference. Friendliest drink on earth. Makes good things taste better.

1957 Sign of good taste.

1958 Refreshment the whole world prefers. The cold, crisp taste of Coke.

1959 Cold, crisp taste that deeply satisfies. Make it a real meal. 1960 Relax with Coke. Revive with Coke.

1961 Coke and food - refreshing new feeling.

1962 Enjoy that refreshing new feeling. Coca-Cola refreshes you best.

1963 A chore’s best friend. Things go better with Coke.

1964 You’ll go better refreshed. 1965 Something more than a soft drink.

1966 Coke... after Coke... after Coke

1970 It’s the real thing.

1971 I’d like to buy the world a Coke.

1975 Look up America

1976 Coke adds life.

1979 Have a Coke and a Smile.

1982 Coke is it!

1985 We’ve got a Taste for You (Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola classic) America’s Real Choice.

1986 Catch the wave (Coca-Cola) Red White & You (Coca-Cola classic)

1989 Can’t Beat the Feeling.

1990 Can’t Beat the Real Thing.

1993 Always Coca-Cola.

2001 Life tastes good.

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