Bathing A Cat

“You’ll never take me alive!”

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Bathing A Cat

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Cold! Arrg!
Wait!!! My tag specifically said 'dry cleaning only'!
No no no no no!!! I'm not done reading the label!!! Noooooooooo!!!
You will die... you will die... you will die... you will die... you will die...
Kirk Lowry

No! Not the water torture again... Heeeeelp!!!
Verne McNew

No please, no more lessons! I can swim!
And I'm also very good at holding on to faucets! Stop this!

Idske Mulder

I want a shower - I hate baths!
Mike Trimble

Finally, after eight lives and countless years of research over many a rocky road... I found the Incan Brass Faucet of Respite!
Nothing can stop me meeeeooooowww!!!

Stop, stop stop!!! I'll pee in your sock drawer for this!!!
Gawd no!!! It's happening again... years ago they tried to teach me to swim...
I had a heck of a time getting out of that gunny sack!

Ric Mossip

Ok, if this is my last minute to live I want to say... What did I do wrong?
Savanah Sheffield

Now hold me tight while I try to turn the tap back on - I missed behind my left ear!
Phil Forde

I told you, I want to swim another lap!
This over-the-water yoga position you came up with sucks.
Helen McTroy

Meoooow! I swear, won't chase the mice thru those skinny pipes again.
Tom Napoli

Yours Is Coming, overnight - in your slippers!
Irvin Kauffman

OK, how long is this drip dry thing supposed to last?
Todd McNeely

Now I know why Jesus walked on the water!
Please Mom, don't do this to me. I might develop a stutter FFF...FFF...FFFFFor Crying out looooouuuuudddddd.
Nope I won't go. You said bath time was lots of fun. It isn't, there is no rubber duckie, you lied.
Della Norton

Let Fluffy Go!
Scott Kovalik

Come on... just ONE more sip of water!
Terry Fiedor

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How To Bathe A Cat
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