Management Team - Leading by Example

Managers + Meetings = No Work

Delegation is not to be taken lightly at this company

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Management Team Leading By Example

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One out of ten kids these days will not have the spine (nor the brains) to
finish high-school... can you spot the graduate here?

Dang... I think I can see Narnia from here!
Hey, Bob... as Joe makes his way down into the mysterious depths of this
dark and dangerous hole, I can't help but recall that this is how most
of those horror flicks start out...

Kirk Lowry

Look! Joe's digging for more! Yes, let's hope he 'comes up' with some nice joe-ks!
Internal Supervisor: “
The ideal spill of control is 1:5 and not 1:10, so one of you has to go down with Joe.
Project Manager: “I thought that meant 1 at the top to 10 on the workfloor?
Internal Supervisor: “That's right, Joe IS the top! Can't you see he's the only one who's really digging it?
Idske Mulder

Hey!!! If we were 'STATE' employees, we all would have shovels to lean on
instead of just that guy in the red coat.

Brent Offenberger

M.D.D.U.: Moron's Ditch Digging University
John E. Goettge

'Course, it looks like a lot of work, but the last time Joe went home without his wedding ring, he was in traction for 6 months!
Ed Best

The reason Joe is down in the hole is because he is the only one with a safety harness on.
Ron Wells

An unnamed insurance company finally gets the hint, and buries the lizard.
L.B. Scott

Hey Joe, don't go any deeper. The Health & Safety Manager isn't here yet.
Yeah, I can see it! Here, Pussy Pussy...
Philip Bassett

One out of every eleven men are hard at it while the other 10
are trying to figure out what it is!

Patty Quesenberry

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