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Where English becomes a sub-plot
Spending cuts result in translation hilarity
Chinese movies with English subtitles

A normal person wouldn’t steal pituitaries.

Backstroke of the West.

Beware! Your bones are going to be disconnected.

Darn, I’ll burn you into a BBQ chicken.

Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly.

Fatty, you with your thick face have hurt my instep.

How can I make love without TV?

I am dam unsatisfied to be killed in this way.

I got knife scars more than the number of your leg’s hair!

If you don’t eat people, they’ll eat you.

I’ll cut your fats out, don’t you believe it?

Sex fiend, you’ll never get reincarnated!

She’s terrific. I can’t stand her.

Take my advice, or I’ll spank you without pants.

That may disarray my intestines.

The bullets inside are very hot. Why do I feel so cold?

This will be of fine service for you, you bag of the scum. I am sure you will not mind that I remove your toenails and leave them out on the dessert floor for ants to eat.

What is a soul? It’s just a toilet paper.

Who gave you the nerve to get killed here?

Yah-hah, evil spider woman! I have captured you by the short rabbits and can now deliver you violently to your doctor for a thorough extermination.

You always use violence. I should’ve ordered glutinous rice chicken.

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