Cruise Bikini
Fred’s friends thought he needed a bit more suntan protection
You can do anything you want when you win at the casino

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Fred was on a roll - poker winnings set him up for an Acapulco vacation,
on a Princess cruise ship (the Dawn Princess) - it was to be a “Dawn” of a
new travel adventure for him. After disembarking from Acapulco, the ship
was to travel through the Panama Canal, traversing from the Pacific Ocean
to the Atlantic Ocean, through a series of six locks – starting at the
west-side Gatun Lock and ending in the east at the Miraflores Lock.

The trip of a lifetime started in the library, absorbed in David
McCullough’s “The Path Between The Seas”. Fred imagined himself as
one of the migrant workers tasked with building the Canal during the
years 1870-1914, catching malaria in one of the many swamps being
dredged along the 77km path. Fred was taken to the local Panama City
hospital where a Doctor prescribed quinine treatment. Unknown to Fred,
the first hospitals in Panama contributed to the problem themselves
by unwittingly providing breeding places for mosquitoes inside
unscreened wards.

Shaken back to reality by a “virtual itch”, Fred put aside his book and
wandered down to the ship’s infirmary - he wanted to see how much better
today’s medical facilities were than those back in the early 1900s.
There he met the ship’s Cruise Nurse, Josephine. Although Fred thought
that Josephine would most certainly cure any worker’s inclination to visit
a hospital (considering her forced enema treatments), he found out that
Josephine also sidelined as an instructor of the ship’s popular
Photoshop computer class, “What You Sea Is What You Get”.

After attending Josephine’s class later that afternoon, Fred was anxious
to find a subject to “touchup” with his new-found skills. He grabbed his
camera and went to the ship’s foredeck. There, piering over the
Miraflores Lock, Fred met the girl of his dreams - certainly not Josephine,
but the “other” Princess. His day complete as the Dawn Princess exited
the Panama Canal on its way to the Caribbean Sea, Fred found a
lounge chair on deck, put away his book and soaked in the sunshine...
just as Josephine rounded the corner and found her new
Photoshop subject – a true FantaSea!

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