Polish Paramedics

“You sure that’s where the head goes?”

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Polish Paramedics

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Ukraine Pair-a-medics are head & shoulders above other trades!
Karen Moore

Kirk Lowry

A heart-throb and a headsman
Obviously not a head-on collision
Idske Mulder

Job Principles of Paramedics: (1) Work soft with a full heart;
(2) Work hard through the nose.

Girish Gangadharan

Despite job equity, the city decided not to hire blind applicants.
Joanne Campbell

What's worse than an EMT losing his head in an emergency?
Two dummies working on the wrong dummy.

Keep pumping! I think she's starting to breathe again!
Marlene K. Goodman

Hey, Ralph, I think we are wasting our time here.
Hey, Ralph, did you bring the duct tape?

Mike Morrow

Oops! I think I was a bit to firm on that last chest compression.
Fred Piceno

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