How To Pop A Zit

When you’ve tried everything else, try this Ad-Vice

Use this vice to get rid of your worst vice!

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How To Pop A Zit using workbench tools

Captions from our readers...

Shop class... it's not just for credits anymore!
Next week... using a metal-press to extract a loose tooth...
This is your face. This is your face on puberty.
This is your puberty-ridden face on pot. Any questions?

Kirk Lowry

Darwin McKee

Quick - where's Godzilla? Maybe he can help.
Don Sartori

The real beauty comes from within.
Better drink Aloe for a beautiful skin!

Idske Mulder

There IS no 'after' shot... THAT one broke the camera!
Irvin Kauffman

Pic 1 with Camera
Pic 2 with Camera!
Mike Rothwell

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