Light Beer

Do you prefer Lite Beer to Light Beer?

This brew’s Light Beers ahead of its time!

(as submitted by Darren Hudson Hick to a contest)

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Light Beer

Captions from our readers...

This light's for you!
Karen Moore

(singing) “This little beer of mine... I'm gonna let it shine...
Before replacing the beerbulbs with regular lightbulbs,
'The Shining' was simply another boring documentary.

Beerbulbs... now making the entire room look attractive!
Beerbulbs... because beer-goggles are sooooooo last year...
Kirk Lowry

For Electrical Engineers, this is in 'pour' taste.
Stew Leslie

(One insect says to another) “I thought you said watch out for the BUG Light!
How many light beers does it take to screw up a drinker?
The cartoon symbol for when you get a great idea in a bar.
So light, other beers P-ALE by comparison.
Marlene Goodman

Bud has seen the light! So now Bud's wiser.
Idske Mulder

How many barmen does it take to change a light beer barrel?
Crispin Fisher

A bright idea.
Have a lite beer to light up your day.
Linda Newman

This could be a shocking experience.
Who's bright idea was this?
Della Norton

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