Computer Garden

How to grow Apples in your geek garden

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Apple computers used for garden plants

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I suppose you're all wondering why I called this meeting?
Don Sartori

Building your garden one byte at a time.
Karen Moore

Just like the Chicken and the Egg, which one came first: The Apple or the Tree?
Here's the proof: Apples don't grow on trees. Trees grow on Apples!

Idske Mulder

Hello, Mr. Skedgwicky? Yes, this is Bob from ComputerSux Repair Center...
the good news is, we've discovered the problem with your network...

Got mold?
Mr. Corleone sent Luca Bratzie to fix the system. It's now pushing up daisies.
Guess its back to Solitaire the hard way. Got a deck?
Kirk Lowry

'Click' on pansies and a window opens!
When the going gets tough, upgrade to a garden.
An apple a day will keep the bugs away.
Kiss my floppy, you big apple!
Linda Newman

And they said I couldn't use 9 computers simultaneously!
Phil Forde

No - a worm!
Sam Woodfield

Perennial Concerns (PC's)
Brett Gordon

Finally, a good use for apple. No, not the fruit.
Ponderosa Ziebert

The 'Hung' Gardens of Babble On...
Irvin Kauffman

Joe's new creation 'The computer monitor planters' haven't sold nearly as well as
'The used toilet planters' or 'The old microwave planters' did.

Paul Bottel

Gardening is just a click away.
The newest windows for gardening tips see for details...
Della Norton

Now you can always monitor your garden progress
Eddy Sweeney

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