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Whazzit new animal breed

Captions from our readers...

MOM!!! Dad's been messin around with my chemistry set again!
Yeah, well, one day I mistook Lab 3 tubes for Lab 4 tubes and... well...
Kirk Lowry

New Age Man (Sensitive, caring, in touch with his inner self)
Des Condon

Yes dear, your Grandmother was a Golden Lab - that's true...
but your Grandfather was a lazy Plumber.

Ric Mossip

I've Heard Of Men Called Dogs Before In My Life, But This One Takes The Cake.
I Finally Found 'U-Man-Dogs' That Breed With Woman!
Edna Gaspard

Jar Jar Binks takes time off from his 'Star Wars' Episodes to go back home to
Naboo and be with his wife Pinks after she gave birth to Triplets.

Goldie Kildea

Name for Creature: Horriblemente Feo
Alex Holly

Obviously fake photo...
Roy Gathercoal

When Alf met Spacedog...
Gene Davidson

This was the first draft of the MOG (half man, half dog, his own best friend)
from Spaceballs - turns out, she was her only friend...

Cody Strait

Little girl, crying: Don't be scared or worried, Dear - it's the deformed offspring of Eyore!
Jamil Keating

You're the reason our kids are so ugly!
Living proof the girls really do get prettier at closing time.
Joe Bob wrote a beautiful song for Peaches: 'I Can't Take You To A Dog Fight Cause I'm Afraid You'd Win.'
L.B. Scott

A few beers with Spuds McKenzie and look what happens!
Maybe now you'll stop hounding me for kids, honey.
More kids, by mutt---er---my butt!
Scott Stewart

After 2 AM... NOBODY'S UGLY!
Irvin Kauffman

God's revenge for eating his animal friends.
Linda Newman

Miss Piggy: The Crack Years
Unfortunately Miss Piggy was unable to escape the fallout from the nuclear blast...
D. K. Browne

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