Bend-But-Don’t Break On The Mountain Top

How to adapt to changing winds

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Tree adapts to changing winds on mountain top

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I gotta get some viagra!

Caution... low-flying airplanes!
Fred... now, look me in the eye and tell me you didn't eat my last bean burrito...
No, I still don't think the star we used on our tree last Christmas was too big. Why do you ask?
Kirk Lowry

Well I might be just an old Haunch Back To you,
but at least I'm not an old rock with my crack showing.

Darwin McKee

I told you not to build him a damn treehouse, John. The kid weighs 300 pounds!
Laurie San Miguel

Nature Taking a Bow
Lady Tammers

This is what happens when you get too close to Whitney Houstin
when she sings the line...
ANNNND iii-ee ii will always looove you.
Bobby Blake

Why do all the trees in Minnesota bend towards the south?
Because Iowa Sucks.

Ron Wells

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