Proof That  “7 x 13 = 28”

An Abbott & Costello 1941 math classic – creative counting's 50th Image Caption!

To celebrate our 50th Image Caption, we presented a collection of 3
animated images based on Abbott and Costello’s math spoof - 3 different ways
to prove that “7 x 13 equals 28” (from “In The Navy”, 1941).
We shared our “50th” in a special way, as a tribute to the hilarious
history of comedy and laughter in the world - & what better way to celebrate it
than with a memorable Abbott & Costello comedy routine!

You ask, “Yeah, but where can I send you my Image Caption?” For this caption
only, we’ve already awarded “Get Stuffed” Prizes to the best submissions
(Kirk Lowry & Darwin McKee)...
BUT you can still send us an image caption...

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We asked for (in ~ 50 words or less) your original idea(s) as to:

(A) what you like best about;
(B) what special ways our site has brought laughter to someone you know; or
(C) what groaner(s) you like best on (& why).

You didn’t have to be a member to submit your entry.
 Entries were submitted during the months of
August, September & October 2005...


Submission from our readers...


I like the size and the personal response and feedback from the site owner.

Darwin McKee and its owner are one of the very few bright spots in an
otherwise dreary, mundane day! I can always count on a smile and/or laugh
from the newest submissions, and a speedy response from the Joe-kster
anytime I write! Keep em comin, Bro!

Kirk Lowry

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get! The owner is genuine!
He seems to respond to all emails ASAP! There is always a new or an old joke
to return to that brings laughter; a mind tune-up; a needy diversion;
or an escape from the reality of life. So whether it's this
'creative counting Abbott & Costello 1941 math classic',
'Claude Cooper's Clean Copper Clappers' media joke,
or a one liner such as 'An eye for an eye... leaves the whole world blind'
there is always something there in an organized, easy to find manner,
that can 'soothe your day'. And yes... 'All things are Possibell'
and no... I don't think the "Joe-kster won the 'no-bell piece prize'...
he is too nice a ding a ling!

Ken Ward


Math Proofs that keep Blonds up to snuff.
Stephen McCarthy

Politician: “I did promise not to raise taxes, and what I am proposing is not an increase in taxes.
Let me use the Abbot and Costello formula to prove my point.
Any simpleton can understand it, I did.

Ron Wells

  7 x 13 = 28 ’cause 7 x (1+3) = 28  
Fried M. Khan

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