Golf Gimme

I would say this is a gimme

Looking for an unlikely foursome for your next golf game?

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Captions from our readers...

The BEAR at Nicklaus North takes on a whole new meaning!
Who did you say sponsored this hole?
I feel for the green keeper who has to fix those spike marks on the green...
Chris Johnson 
(aka "Dr. Laugh")

1st golfer: Look - there's a Bear.
2nd golfer: Can we outrun a Bear?
3rd golfer: No, But I can outrun you two...
Darwin McKee

Lacking the focus and professionalism of Tiger Woods, 'Bear' Forrest
approaches the game with a clumsy fervor that frightens the competitors.

The 'Grizzly Adams Open' ends on a sour note.
Um, mulligan!
David M. Muench
  (aka "Shiny Happy Head")

Dangit, I'm TRYIN to poop here!!!
Hey, guys... this one breaks to the right!
Kirk Lowry

OK, who didn't yell 'Four!'
Ron McCoy

Hey guys - do you know if a golf cart can outrun a grizzly bear?
Barry Newton

Bear 'Mind if we play through?
Ron Wells

Man, my wife would do anything to ruin my golf game.”
L.B. Scott

The golf course just got the new security system running.
Braden Evans

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