Wheel-y High Tricycle

High-way pedal power in third world countries

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Riding a very high tricycle bike

Captions from our readers...

Alright, what sorry joker took the tassles off my handlebars?
Kirk Lowry

Hey! Do a wheely!
Cory Prior

He thinks he is such a big wheel since his promotion.
Ron Wells

Sooo, how do I get down from here then?
Joshua Aubbs

I can't hear you, did you just say 'Tornado Warning'?
Moments before the tragic accident: 'Man rips off both arms attempting giant wheely'.
Wrong day to wear a utility kilt to the construction site.
His epitaph is going to read 'Some assembly required'.
Hey up there, I just found this screw. (sounds of metal creaking)” (sounds of metal creaking)
Jim Davis

OH YEAH... My way IS the HIGH-WAY!!!
Irvin Kauffman

Full throttle dry run.
Linda Newman

He sure is riding sky-HIGH since his promotion!!!
Adrian James

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