Dental Floss That Crows On You

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Dental Floss that Crows On You

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"Ugh... six more weeks and this flippin' Dental Hygienist's practicum is DONE!"
Ric Mossip

"So what if you floss daily? Myna still cleaner than yours!"
"Hey, waidaminnit... I see a game hen in here! AHHHHHHHH!"

"Aaaaaaaaand then I just regurgitate the worm, and breakfast is done!"
Kirk Lowry

"Tang learned a lot from watching the Flinstones."
Cory Prior

Wal-Mart Press Release: Here is proof of another Wal-Mart Associate Perk.
We have just added Dental Care to our benefit package.

Ron Wells

(Military Cadence): A big black bird, with a big black bill, Was sitting
on my windowsill. I coaxed him in, With a crust of bread, and then I chomped
his... little head.

L.B. Scott

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