Alien Seating

“Next time let’s bring our parents...”

Scouts look for new players at a Toronto Maple Leafs game

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Alien Seating - extraterrestrial scouts watch a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game

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Fans traveled long distances to watch the NCAA Final.
Rick Hennessey

I’m sure one of them dropped one - Phew!
It is... It is... I'm telling you it’s Jedward!!!
Andrew Banner

If Segourney Weaver shows up, we’re outta here!
Ya pop out of a guy’s gut, ya get to a game...
It doesn’t get any better than this.

Marlene Goodman

Wonder why we are being alienated by people around us?
Girish Gangadharan

Baseball??? I thought this was the Grenshishfrangle matches.
Darn, we are on the wrong planet again. Beam us up, Narfenglagen.

Mike Morrow

Well, our team is down by 48 pts. at the 2-minute warning. What say we
leave now and catch the early shuttle back to Gwark?

Fred Piceno

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