Zipper Pavement

Sidewalk fashion statement

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Zipper Sidewalk Pavement Art

Captions from our readers...

Well, boys, the weather and traffic've been tough, but we've
finally got this sidewalk repair all zipped up!

Kirk Lowry

Zipping-up the World's Longest Hopscotch Field... (our latest Guinness' attempt)
Irvin Kauffman

Street with a simple zip-code.
Idske Mulder

For God's sake - don't un-zip it!
There's no way to tell the size of the monster it's holding back!

David Bailey

Street repairs on the fly.
New earthquake fault line found. Named Saint Notmy Fault, located near Pantzertite, California.
Pardon me, your sidewalk's open.
It was so hot... you could fly an egg!
Mark Prairie

What Zip Code did you say that broken pavement was in again?
Ady Miles

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