Redneck Solution for High Gas Prices

“Pooch Power” - Bubba’s latest patent

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Dog towing truck with treat just in front of its nose

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... No kibble is worth this ...
How the Grinch stole Christmas... Brooklyn Edition.
Kirk Lowry

Earl's idea fer being thrifty, let the puppy pull his F150, but 'Lucky' stopped
to take a lick and got the short end of the stick!

Cesar whispered, This is called 'role reversal', your dog will no longer chase cars,
but will have a bark like a Chihuahua.

Floyd found that switching to a steak gave him a 5 mph increase and
was still cheaper than gas.

Mark Prairie

It's all uphill from here, ol girl.
Think we should open the can, Bubba?
Beer would be better, but then Bubba would be the one doing the pulling!
Corey Millette

Horsepower? This thing runs on DOGpower!
All I did was cock my leg on one wheel. Now I have to drag it around until it dries off!
Look Bubba - we're drivin' doggie style!
David Bailey

I smell food-age.
Idske Mulder

Sadly Lucky found out that stopping it was even harder.
Jack Porcenaluk

Stop it!
Ralph Hammerl

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