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Lewis Carroll’s other book: “Alex Through The Looking Glass”

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Placing your head through a picture frame

Captions from our readers...

I wuz framed!
Last time I tried this, I fell off the shelf and broke my nose!
Mark Prairie

Trying to think outside the box!
Idske Mulder

Dang....what was in that drink, anyway?
Oooooooooooooooooooooooh, crap...
Okay, guys... not funny anymore! Guys... guys?
Rod Serling... the college years.
Kirk Lowry

It would of been easier to come out of the closet.
Andy Munday

It's OK... nobody's here!
Irvin Kauffman

I've been framed, let me out.
Rick Brennecke

I know how the hell I got in here, but how the hell do I get out?
Doug L. Brown

She shot me and put me in this tiny frame, but then she put me in
the bathroom and took a shower...

Matt Paden

That Camera Captures EVERYTHING!
Les (The Redneck Parachute Guy)

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