Blue Angels Trainees

Faced with cutbacks, Blue Angels pilots alter flight paths

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Blue Angels Trainees

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Angel #1 to Angel #2. I hope you've packed your parachute.
I told you not to laugh at the instructor!
Phil Forde

Ferry Lands Escaping Air Farce
Yes... I found another quarter... I'm Flying!!!
Irvin Kauffman

I knew the price of fuel would get to us eventually...
Carol Thornton

Victor Foxtrot Zero Zero Two, This is the tower...
There will be no SKIPPING on the runway! Don't ask, don't tell!

Mark Prairie

Can't hang up my handbag on the control panel.
Can't hang up my handbag on the control panel.
Can't hang up my...
So, what's your line? And how many rounds do you have to go?

Idske Mulder

More military cutbacks?
Ian Howard

The new F-23 prototype is flawless but for a slight setback in mobility...
Engineers decided to sacrifice flight ability for better turning.

Matt Paden

It requires a whole new strategy to take on the Al-Qaida Air Force.
Jerry Costello

Never lose sight of the 'REAL' customer - our products are important.
Jay Canfield

Congress approves funding for the Flinstone-22 combat jet.
Sue Gosselin

The New Drone, W/O the Plane.
Joseph Mills

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