Tank Bike

Tanks a lot!

Boris remodels his World War II side car

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All your sidewalks belong to us!
Dennis the Menace - the twilight years...
Let's see those punks leave their tricycles in my driveway again!
Yeah, just what I thought... those were Rabbit tracks!
Kirk Lowry

Let's make tracks!
Idske Mulder

What do you mean how many gears? With this baby... up and over... is all you need!
This model is real popular with motorcycle gangs. Press this button here, and you
make your OWN roads!

We-e-l-ll... ok... so it isn't all that pretty... with a little chrome, flames,
well, nevermind all that... With the very short summers they have in Canada... It's a sure seller!!!

Smile for the picture Mr. KettenKrad. Zis Vill outzell zee Zo called 'Quad' in
zee U.S.!

Ric Mossip

When I said a TRACKING device I meant a GPS!
Matt Sullivan

Just bring that Hummer on!
Dick Robinson

I got a new power stroke ford 350 leather seats and 34'' super swampers and
u rabbit with level 2 armor metal seats and standard mg-42 hmg.

Adam Heiby

And this is how the Germans beat the French.
Tom Napoli

NSU parking only. All others WILL be crushed.
Kim Scholer

Look Mommy, I'm a big boy now and I have better training wheels...
Della Norton

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