Redneck Storm Shelter

Bubba shelters his school day memories

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Redneck Storm Shelter

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No, Bubba don't got no bus driver's license, but I don't think that'll be much of a problem...
The real reason nobody in Arkansas makes it past the fifth grade...
Kirk Lowry

This teacher has such extravagant ideas and opinions that he had to go underground!
Idske Mulder

Anatomy 101-102 taught here, enter through the Rear Door.
Irvin Kauffman

Old school house dog kennel.
Sex Ed was always taught better in the back seat!
Gary Carroll

Mississippi... Transporting our children without CDL license since 1966.
Come on in, Ma... Sorry the place is a little dirty...
Jennifer Kelley

Are kids aint learnin nuthin in them skewls so Bubba found a good use for them fancy long yella cars.
Beau Lessard

Yo Bubba, lookie whata I found when I cut the grass.
Tom Napoli

You know the saying, 'Sink the Bismark'? well this is the new meaning: 'Sink the Bus Mark'.
Now I know why grandpa had to walk 20 miles through the snow to get to school - the Busses weren't grown yet.
Well they said the underground railroad was good, so I thought I would give a Bus a try.
Della Norton

Too cool for school
Ralph Hammerl

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