Live Line Technique:   Limits of Non-Approach

This guy's motto: “Watts You See Is Watts You Get!”

How many safety violations can you find?
New ‘Wattever’ telephone tapping technique

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New Lineman Limits of Approach to dangerous electricity wires

Captions from our readers...

'Cat's in the Cradle' Komatsu style!
Ric Mossip

Hey, Bob, which one was ground aga--AUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
Talk about your all-time worst "pickup line"!
And now, Fred Dumbowski will demonstrate the local tribal dance we call the 'Komatsu Line Dance'...
Kirk Lowry

I know you're not running out of line, I'm saying you're way out of line there!
My folks always told me I would never get a high-level job if I didn't pay attention at school.
Well, they were wrong, weren't they?

Are you sure this is your line of business, Joe?
Idske Mulder

Reaching for that 'Sweet Smell of Success'
Irvin Kauffman

See Pedro, I don't need no stinking cell phone to make a call.
Darwin McKee

Homeland Security hard @ work keeping Americans like you safe.
A little higher, little higher - just a little more...
JoeBob, throw me another beer & squirt that hose up here it's - frickin hot today!
Brett Tucker

That's it Jose, attach the booster cables and we will soon have this thing going again.
Philip Bassett

Tell me again, how do you jump start these things?
Tom Napoli

You told me stealing cable was as easy as plugging in the TV.
Dave C.

We put the Koma in Komatsu.
Joseph Howard

Yeah, okay, it works... but I still say it’s a lot less work to just use dental floss!
Rob Vajko

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