Hot Summer Night Cure
When things get too hot for him on a hot summer night

Husband: “Oh, come on.”

Wife: “Leave me alone!”

Husband: “It won’t take long.”

Wife: “I won’t be able to sleep afterwards.”

Husband: “I can’t sleep without it.”

Wife: “Why do you think of things like this in the middle of the night?”

Husband: “Because I’m Hot.”

Wife: “You get hot at the darndest times.”

Husband: “If you love me, I wouldn’t have to beg you.”

Wife: “If you love me, you’d be more considerate.”

Husband: “You don’t love me anymore.”

Wife: “Yes I do, but let’s forget it for tonight. ”

Husband: “Please... come on.”

Wife: “All right, I’ll do it.”

Husband: “What’s the matter? Need a flashlight?”

Wife: “I can’t find it.”

Husband: “Oh, for heaven’s sake - feel for it!”

Wife: “There! Are you satisfied?”

Husband: “Oh, yes.”

Wife: “Is it up far enough?”

Husband: “Oh, that’s good. ”

Wife: “Now go to bed, and from now on when you want the window open, do it yourself.”

Give and take in a marriage relationship

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