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Using too many Coke bottles for your checkers tournament?

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Japanese people with cut off plastic Coke bottles on their heads

Captions from our readers...

Hey, look at it this way... at least we're not 'crack' heads!
Soooo... if she spins the bottle, does he have to kiss who its pointed at?
Pssst... I'm a Pepsi man, myself...
Hey, anybody got a Diet?
Kirk Lowry

American Champagne rules the world, and now...
subjects of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Irvin Kauffman

After putting all their problems on the table, the men have reached a real bottle-neck situation.
It's obvious who's going to solve the situation: The woman is the only one keeping her head clear!

Idske Mulder

Are you sure this is how we make contact with the alien mother ship?
Darwin McKee

This is what you call 'addicted'...
Nadine Taha

Which bottle has the rum in it? I'm tired of saki!
Bob La Rosa

What's going on? I thought you said let's go for a toke!
Josh Robb

Vacuum tube brains in a microchip world.
Linda Newman

Ah, so, let us bow our heads and pray to the gods of syrup.
Tom Napoli

Take me to your liter!
Joseph Howard

Looks like they're on coke, or perhaps the coke's on them.
Nick Amso

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