Sitting On The Throne -
Shorter Employee Bathroom Breaks

How to make shorter employee bathroom breaks

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Thumb tacks placed on toilet seats for shorter employee restroom breaks

Captions from our readers...

This makes for a truly moving experience!
OK, OK, honey, I'll leave the seat down from now on!
Tacky bathroom decor.
Jacqui Graham

Men - Tired of being nagged to put the seat down? Now is your chance to fight back!
Shelly Jordan

Honey, I told you having magnets in the seat isn't better for you.
Corey Stedman

... because this is the only way you would get the point!
Roy Gathercoal

While you are down on your bottom, let's get to the point of why you're sitting here...
Michelle Erkel

I see what you mean when you said the seat was really tacky.
Hannah Peace

Last week it was 'pins and needles'.
Gary "1artworkz" Molitor

Motivation to hold it in!
Mike Anisiewicz

Finally, new accessories for the modern 'Hindu' apartment. Goes nicely with their beds.
Dave Ward

My diarrhea problem is so much better after going to the acupuncture clinic.
Bob Schultz

No, I meant you had a Little Prick.
Barry Gilfoyle

Movements done tactfully.
Michele Guttenberger

Misogynist! Me? No... why do you ask?
Adam Stanley

I'm sure everyone can rise to the occasion!
June Brobst

Razor edge tension for butt sitters.
Linda Newman

She said to put the seat down... well its down!
Tony Holt

How to suck in those hemorrhoids without the use of Preparation H!
Barb Groover

Oh... so that's where I left the tacks
Gene Piatek

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