Grad Prom in a Stretch ’Vette

Planning on going to prom in a stretch Corvette?

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Grad Prom in a Stretch Corvette

Captions from our readers...

This is why Chevrolet does not make a front wheel drive Corvette.
James W. West

The new Corvette hearse... maybe you CAN'T take it with you, but at least you can get there in style.
Jacqui Graham

Speed of a Vette, style of a Vette, cornering of an 18-wheeler.
Daniel Summers

Batman going to the Prom.
Goldie Kildea

Uh, hello Chevy? I was backin' out'a my driveway when I noticed the
front wheels were locked... What's that? How fast was I goin?

Bruce Erickson

Advert for Funeral Parlour: Send your Loved ones off in style with this
Hearse for the Vertically Challenged.

Barry Gilfoyle

Hollywood school bus.
Hey kids, the school bus is here!
Tony Holt

Your BEST FRIEND'S Corvette, now with Wings. From the makers of Tampax.
Chad Ebel

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