Saskatchewan Chopper Lawn Mower

Prairie Special - cutting the lawn with your motorcycle

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Saskatchewan Chopper Lawn Mower

Captions from our readers...

When your mower does 0 - 60 in 5.2 you might be a Hell's Angel...
Amanda Thompson

Lawn Hog!
Way to get your teenager to mow the grass.
Jacqui Graham

Sturgis or Bust!
Pat Sturcken

Gitch'er lawn-mower runnin'... Head out on the fairway!
We were bo-o-o-o-orn to be mi-i- i-i-i-illd!

Ric Mossip

What happened when Tim 'the Tool Man' Taylor appeared on the Orange County Chopper Show.
Ron Wells

John Deere - you can't ask for mower!
Irvin Kauffman

I know this biker's got a bag of grass on him!
Brian Davlin

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